Why Choose Us

Adventure Club Trek and Expeditions are a team of enthusiastic and experienced trekkers, guides, porters, and mountaineers. And we are pleased to inform you that we have several trekking trips and peak climbing expeditions in Nepal, Bhutan, and Tibet-three of the most beautiful Himalayan countries in the world.

Adventure Club Trek was established in 2008, and we have been dedicated to providing the best service and, most importantly, the best experiences to trekkers. Adventure Club is a registered travel and trek company; we are also associated with TAAN (Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal), Mountaineering Association, and other government agencies. Legal authorizations and association with government agencies make managing your trek much more accessible.

We are registered with the Company Registration Office, authorized by Nepal Tourism Board, Industry Department, Nepal National Bank,Nepal Government, Tourism and Civil Aviation Department, and the Taxation Office. We are not only legally authorized but technically advanced as well. Our guides are highly experienced and fluent in English, Nepali, local dialects, and several international languages. Our climbing guides and mountaineers have at least fifteen years of experience.

What Does Adventure Club Do Different or Better than Other Trekking Companies in Nepal? First, Adventure Club is a trekking company of enthusiastic trekkers, all of whom have trekked all the trails we promote! We do not have unreasonable prices over the board, so trekking with us is cost-effective. Explore more reasons to trek with Adventure Club!

Your Financial Security is our concern.

Adventure Club Trek is a legally authorized trekking, tours, and expeditions company recognized by Nepal Government's tourism authority. When you book with us, we ensure that the trip we organize for you is worth every cent you invest. We engage in easy, reliable, and safest banking transactions. You will have no hassle or suffer no risk when engaging in online or offline payment with us. You are financially protected when booking with us as we are fully licensed and affiliated with the Trekking Agency's Association of Nepal (TAAN), Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA), Nepal Tourism Board, (NTB) Gov of Nepal, Sustainable Tourism Network, Himalayan Rescue Association (HRAN) and Kathmandu Environmental Educational Project (KEEP).

Responsible trekking policy

Adventure Club Trek engages in responsible and eco-friendly trekking. We do our best to minimize our carbon footprint by using local products. We believe in helping the local economy, so we do our best to buy local services. Our camping, trekking, and mountaineering trips are orchestrated to produce as little waste as possible. We do not leave any non-degradable waste produced during the trip in the Himalayas or other areas. We try our best to bring it back and sort it out effectively. 

Trekking and Climbing Gears We Provide

Well-equipped adventures are safer, so Adventure Club Trek provides all necessary trekking and climbing gear. Our goal is to make your trip hassle-free, so we provide our trekkers with warm trekking gear like a sleeping bag with liner, down jacket, rain poncho, and snow gaiters for use during the trip, along with a complimentary trek duffle bag and T-shirts. We also provide all personal and group climbing gear for those on peak expeditions. We provide branded LESPOTIVA climbing boots, an EXPERT down-filled mattress for comfort and warmth, a Black diamond crampon, an Ice axe, a harness, an ascender, the figure of eight, a carabineer, Etc. Along with fixed and dynamic ropes required for peak climbing.

Looking After Your Safety

For Adventure Club Trek safety of our trekkers always comes first. We have an excellent safety record to date. All our high-altitude treks have a reasonable acclimatization period. We also inform, train, and help our trekkers in every way possible to tackle AMS (altitude mountain sickness). Our guides can perform basic first aid treatment, and we only travel with a comprehensive first aid kit. We also provide PAC bags and oxygen cylinders when needed (charges applicable). We communicate with the local government body and teahouse owners beforehand about any obstructions caused due to natural hazards to make your travel hassle-free and save time.

Our Dedication to Social Causes

Each member of Adventure Club Trek and the company itself believes in giving back to society. We are primarily concerned with the education of orphaned children. We provide 10 % of our income to care for children in the 'First Ray of Hope' orphanage in Dhapasi, Kathmandu. The 2015 earthquake took down many schools in Nepal, especially in rural villages where buildings are made of mud and stones. Adventure Club Trek has established a non-profit organization called Himalaya House Project dedicated to rebuilding the schools affected by the earthquake. A part of what you pay us for our services goes to charitable causes like these.

All our Staff are insured.

At Adventure Club Trek, we believe in keeping our Staff protected and happy, which is why all our staff members are insured. We are associated with NECO Insurance Company. Every porter and guide working with us is well-paid and protected by an accident insurance policy that covers all necessary medical expenses. The company ensures all staff members are equipped with warm clothing, proper shelter, and proper trekking and climbing gear on all high-altitude treks. Adventure Club Trek is built on our trekking leaders/guides and porters, and we do our best to respect the foundation.

Make your Itinerary or choose Customized Itineraries.

Adventure Club Trek is proud of its well-researched and time/cost-efficient itineraries. We have customized itineraries to fit multiple criteria. We can also personalize itineraries for you! Or you can make your own, and we can assess its feasibility for you! Suppose you plan a trekking, climbing, cultural, or any other adventure trip to Nepal. In that case, you can choose from our existing itineraries or contact us. We can communicate to create an itinerary that works best for you and/or your group.

Experienced team

We have a team of experienced, trained, and enthusiastic trekking leaders/guides and porters who are eager to bring you the best trekking experience in Nepal. Adventure Club Treks and Expeditions believes in integrated and close-knitted teamwork. We are proud to inform you that we have a team that is native to the mountains, has trekked the routes numerous times and climbed the ridges and the mountains countless times, and is fluent in most local dialects.

Yoga Treks with a highly experienced Yoga Guru

Yoga and nature go hand in hand, no doubt about that. Adventure Club Treks brings you the best possible yoga experience, which involves trekking in the Nepalese Himalayas and partaking in spiritually, mentally, and physically advantageous yoga practice with a highly experienced yoga Guru.

Social Responsibility and Porter Children's Education

Adventure Club Trek strongly believes in and promotes taking social responsibility. A trip you book with us has a ripple effect that helps many in need. We support the Porter Children Education Fund, which provides financial support to the needy children of our porters. Adventure Club Trek also assists in improving schools and the drinking water supply system in remote areas. Himalayan House Project (Hyperlink Facebook page) is a charity founded by the company through the organization we have been rebuilding schools affected by the 2015 Earthquake. We also donate to Kathmandu's 'First Ray of Hope' orphanage.