Newly open Trekking Trails

As some of the treks described above (such as Annapurna and Everest Base Camp) have become increasingly popular and crowded, trekking companies have worked together with the government of Nepal to develop additional new trekking routes.  For the visitor seeking a quieter, more unspoiled, and non-touristy experience, Adventure Club Trek is now offering new and attractive trekking destinations.  If you would be interested in trekking to remote villages to experience the people and culture that is off the beaten path, we would love to work with you to create a fresh and unforgettable itinerary.  These routes have been developed to minimize the risk of altitude sickness, while still offering some of the best travel experiences possible in our amazing land, including the option of homestay.  These new trekking options have been carefully developed, offering both solid infrastructure as well as sustainable environmental practices.

One such trek brings you to lofty Kanjin Gompa, an architectural masterpiece located high above the tree line.  Other possible treks include Tsum Valley; Tsum Valley plus Manaslu;  Nar Phu Valley plus Tilcho Lake and Mesokanto Pass; Pikey Peak; and Bhairav Kunda.