Mustang Region Trekking

Trekking in Upper Mustang is an adventure that starts in the beautiful Himalayan town of Jomsom and takes us to the old kingdom of Lo manthang and its centuries-old caves. Often called the last forbidden Kingdom in Nepal, Upper Mustang is a part of the massive Tibetan plateau. 

The landscape here is similar to that of Tibet and the culture and language are highly influenced by Tibet as well.  Annapurna, Nilgiri, and surrounding mountains accompany you almost through the trek as you walk alongside the Kali Gandaki River, among plateaus with historic caves, through apple trees to the highlands. 

Adventure Club Trek is more than happy to be your partner in this exciting adventure. Our experienced guides and porters for the region are also fun and native to the region. This means that you can learn about the culture and the history of the region from the perspective of locals. The arid but green landscape with white Himalayan peaks in the background makes upper Mustang one of the most beautiful destinations in the Himalaya. However, there is more to the region’s beauty-its history and culture.

People fleeing war, state taxes and mainland civilization settled in the Trans-Himalayan land of Upper Mustang centuries ago. It was its own kingdom with its own king up until 2008 when all forms of the monarchy of demolished from Nepal. Upper Mustang was a restricted area for foreigners up until 1992. The isolation has helped in the preservation of the ancient culture, customs, costumes, and traditions. 

You will be enthralled to find a number of historic chortens, palaces on top of hills, huge monasteries and Buddhist settlements all around. The caves are another thing of wonder here. Jomsom and Kagbeni are the two main hubs, both make a great vantage point for the Annapurna mountain range and Nilgiri Mountain among others. 

The old city Lo manthang with its palaces and festivals (Tiji which happens once a year around the first week of May), Chhoser with its caves, Tsarang with its palaces and monasteries and the journey throughout is an experience of a lifetime. There is a road under construction in the region, however, the trekking trail is separate from it. Adventure Club Trek organizes both Upper Mustang Trekking-17 days and Upper Mustang Jeep Trek -10 Days.