Trip Grade

Most treks will be suitable for anyone in good health who possesses a good fitness level and a matching level of confidence and spirit of adventure. Nonetheless, we recommend that you be realistic in choosing your trek. To assist you in choosing a trek that is appropriate for your fitness level, we utilize a grading system with five levels, based on the length, climate, elevation, and particular challenges of each trek.


If you can walk 4-6 hours a day, you should not have any problems with this level of the trek. You should be reasonably fit and healthy, but no prior trekking experience is needed. You will only be ascending 300-600m on any day, over well-maintained paths that are well-served by local amenities. You will not be trekking above moderate elevations or under extreme weather conditions.


Moderate treks involve daily hikes of up to 7 hours. While not required, some previous hiking or camping is beneficial. Terrain can be hilly and trails can be rough, but the weather is normally not extreme. We may ascend between 400-700m each day, reaching a maximum elevation of about 5500m. Good fitness and attitude will be needed since you will be dealing with thinner air at the higher altitudes reached on certain days of your trek.


For adventurers with previous hiking experience, a very good fitness level, and a confident and positive outlook, these treks offer an exciting opportunity. They may involve steep climbs to high passes, with daily walks between 6 and 8 hours. The daily elevation gain or loss may be as much as 1000m, and will typically be at least 500m. You may be trekking in remote regions that offer only basic facilities, and you will need to be prepared for extreme weather.


The treks on this level require a high degree of physical fitness and health, prior experience in mountain hiking, and a confident and positive attitude. Daily distances will normally be at least 6 hours and sometimes more than 8, with daily elevation gains between 500 and 1000m. You will be trekking at high altitudes in remote regions, often over less-frequently used trails. Facilities will be basic, and at times sparse. At times you may need to scramble over rough sections of trail, cross high passes, and you may have to deal with some extremes of weather, involving cold, wind, and snow.


This category of treks (which includes all of the peak climbs we offer) is for brave and bold trekkers in top physical condition. Excellent fitness is required, along with previous experience and a positive, confident outlook. Elevations may reach 6,000m, as you reach and cross high, snowy passes in remote regions with very limited facilities and services. Courage and humor will be prized attributes, to match the required levels of determination and strength.

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