Muktinath Helicopter Tour from Kathmandu 1 Day

Trip Facts

  • Duration 1 Days
  • Difficulty Level Easy
  • Destination Nepal
  • Transportation Private Vehiclew
  • Activity Helicopter Tour
  • Best Season Feb-May and Sept-Dec
  • Group Size Mini 1, Max 5 People
  • Trip Start/End Kathmandu
  • Max Altitude 3755m / 12320ft


  • Marvelous Helicopter Ride from Kathmandu to Muktinath
  • Scenic view of the Annapurna Conservation Area Project
  • The semi-arid landscape of the Mustang region
  • Dramatic views of the Himalayas- Mt. Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, and Manaslu range
  • Jomsom- the district center of the Mustang region
  • Kagbeni- the gateway of restricted Upper Mustang and a holy place
  • Muktinath Temple- one of the most visited Hindu pilgrimage destinations in the world
  • Worship Lord Visnu- one of the prominent Hindu deities
  • Take a spiritual bath under 108 water sprouts
  • Dip into the holy ponds

Muktinath Helicopter Tour Overview 

The Muktinath Helicopter tour is designed for those who are cramped on time but still want to enjoy the most of a spectacular holiday that’s open to the ardent adventurer & also the holy pilgrim seeking to make peace with the gods.

The Muktinath Helicopter Tour is an outstanding trip of spiritual significance. Muktinath is based in the north-west part of Nepal, beyond the Annapurna Himalayas. The visit by chopper takes pilgrims to one of the most holy Hindu pilgrimage destinations in the world, & is billed as an iconic divine journey of ultimate importance before passing from this world for hindus. The air tour by helicopter takes off from both Kathmandu (about 3 hours round trip) and Pokhara (about 2 hours round trip), allowing you about an hour for worshipping and taking a holy bath at the temple. The trip in the sky takes you above some spectacular landscapes of the Annapurna region initially and ultimately flies above the Kaligandaki River valley in the famous Mustang region. There’s a stopover at Jomsom for refueling (if you are flying from Kathmandu) and flies to Muktinath, which is a blessed town, at the footsteps of the Thorong-La Pass of Annapurna.

While going through your rituals at the Muktinath Temple, the mountainous environment gives you a holy tranquil experience which is ideal for that of a pilgrimage trip, said to wash away the sins of a lifetime, according to mythological beliefs. The helicopter tour begins early in the morning as the Kaligandaki River valley remains extremely windy during noontime. This air tour by helicopter is very safe & helpful in the sense it avoids all the risky road drives & landslides that occasionally occur in this area. The sky tour is considered highly beneficial & safe for family groups with children and senior citizens.

Muktinath Helicopter Comprehensive Guide

Muktinath Helicopter Tour is highly rewarding for travelers who wish to visit one of the most popular Hindu pilgrimage temples of tremendous scenic beauty in a single day. It's a great option even for people who don’t have enough time to go via road or taking multiple days’ journeys with several halts in between. The pilgrimage is done to gain salvation at the Holy Muktinath temple by taking a holy bath and performing ritual pujas. Furthermore, the exploration of stunning nature within the Annapurna and Mustang region adds to the glitter of this holy trip which helps hindu devotees to make peace with their gods.

This epic and radiant Muktinath Helicopter Tour can be organized from both Kathmandu and Pokhara, based on what your schedules allow for. During the tour, passengers get to see diverse attractions of Mother Nature and culture displayed in all it majestic beauty.

The greeneries of the Annapurna Conservation Area Project (ACAP) is where it all begins, which is followed by the breathtaking Himalayan skylines of Mount Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, Nilgiri, Fishtail, Tilicho Peak, & the most of Manaslu Himalayan range as the helicopter ride moves towards the Mustang region. The wide rolling spans of the Kali Gandaki River and the ethnic settlements further charm travelers with exceptional and breathtaking valleys.

Flying above the district center of Mustang - Jomsom, the Muktinath Helicopter tours offer some of the hidden views around Kagbeni and some parts of Upper Mustang, before the helicopter lands at Muktinath. It's a brief hike up to the temple, where you can get a pony ride to ease the heights in the thin air region. Muktinath literally means salvation, where people worship Lord Visnu. The 19th-century Hindu shrine is one of the eight most visited Hindu pilgrimage sites around earth. Taking a holy bath under the 108 water sprouts and dipping in the holy ponds, brings salvation to devotees, it’s believed. Amid the holy surroundings, even the Buddhist sites attract the attention of pilgrims

.Adventure Club Treks with its professional team organizes Muktinath Helicopter Tour to provide pilgrims a lifetime experience of the spiritual and divine. We operate the tour by customizing the itinerary based on your preference, either from Kathmandu or Pokhara. If you are still looking for more magnificent Helicopter tours in Nepal, EBC Helicopter Tour - 1 Day, & Everest Base Camp Helicopter Trek-7 Days can be added to your tour bucket list for once-in-a-lifetime vacations.

Muktinath Temple 

Sacred Muktinath temple is a place of pilgrimage for both Hindus and Buddhists. The temple lies at an altitude of 3,710m at the foot of Thorung La mountain pass in Muktinath Valley. Literally, Muktinath is translated as “the Place of Liberation or Moksha“. For Tibetan Buddhists, Muktinath is a very important place for Dakinis, goddesses known as “Sky Dancers”. The temple is one of their 24 Tantric places. The temple has a human-sized golden statue of Lord Vishnu as Shree Mukti Narayana. There is also a bronze image of BhooDevi (The Earth-Goddess form of Lakshmi), the Goddess Saraswoti, and the princess Janaki (Sita). Statues of Garuda (the mount of Lord Vishnu) are also present. The statue of Lava-Kusa, the sons of Lord Rama and Sita is beautifully sculpted and presents a daringly haunting ambiance to the temple. You may also explore the wall of 108 faucets behind the temple that continuously go on splashing ice-cold water from the Kaligandaki River from bull-headed mouths.

Muktinath Temple Helicopter Tour from Kathmandu

Muktinath Helicopter Tour from Kathmandu is an ideal package to enjoy the luxurious tour option towards the globally renowned Hindu and Buddhist pilgrimage destination- the Muktinath temple. The tour takes off from the domestic airport of Kathmandu and flies above the Annapurna region, crosses the channel, and enters theMustang regionof the Kali Gandaki River valley. It's a direct helicopter trip from Kathmandu to Mustang, consisting of 3 hours back and forth along with an hour of worshipping and time for the Holy bath.

Taking a direct helicopter ride from Kathmandu to Mustang avoids further trip arrangements of connecting flights and paperwork. Right after taking off, the gigantic Himalayan scenery of theLangtang region, Ganesh Himal, and Manaslu region entice you. The tour lets you an opportunity to explore the dynamic natural vistas of the Annapurna and Mustang region, the helicopter lands at Muktinath, just below the temple. The temple is located at an altitude of 3710 meters, beyond the Annapurna region, surrounded by the dramatic Himalayan peaks of the Annapurna chain. Also known as Chumig Gyatsa in Buddhist terms, the Muktinath temple has pulled the Hindu pilgrimage seekers around the globe to this magical Holy destination of Muktinath. Even the Annapurna Circuit trekkers get an opportunity to explore the holy shrine of Muktinath after crossing theThorong La Pass(5416 meters) and the temple is located at its foot. For the hassle-free arrangement of the Muktinath Helicopter Tour from Kathmandu, please, do not hesitate to contact Adventure Club Trek.

Note: a helicopter has got a capacity of a maximum of 5 individuals at once, not exceeding 500 kg in weight.

Outline Itinerary

6: 00 AM: Pickup from Hotel and Transfer to Tribhuvan Domestic Airport

6: 30 AM: Check-in at Airport and Transfer to Helipad

7: 00 AM: Fly to Jomsom. Enjoy the view of Mt. Annapurna, Mt. Dhaulagiri, and Mt. Langtang Ranges

8: 00 AM: Land at Jomsom for refueling.

8: 10 AM: Fly to Muktinath. Take Bath and Do Ritual Puja.

9:20 AM: Fly back to Jomsom.

9: 30 AM: Fly to Kathmandu.

10:30 AM: Transfer to Hotel.


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We pick you up early in the morning and transfer you to the domestic airport of Kathmandu by private vehicle.

6: 30 AM: Check-in at Airport and Transfer to Helipad

First, we check-in at the domestic airport for the procedure. After getting a boarding pass, transfer to the helipad, where the helicopter takes off.

7: 00 AM: Fly to Jomsom. Enjoy the view of Mt. Annapurna, Mt. Dhaulagiri, and Mt. Langtang Ranges

The impressive and thrilling chopper ride from Kathmandu offers incredible views of the terraced hillside, Rivers, and dramatic valleys. Then we move towards Jomsom, exploring enticing Himalayan sceneries of Mount Annapurna chain, Dhaulagiri, Langtang range, Manaslu, and the surrounding vistas. The flight duration will be about an hour.

8: 00 AM: Land at Jomsom for refueling.

Flying above the dramatic Kali Gandaki River valley and exploring the magnificent Tilicho Peak and Nilgiri, we land at Jomsom, which is a headquarter of the Mustang region. It has got the facilities of banks, hotels and administrative offices. It is a place to refuel the helicopter.

8: 10 AM: Fly to Muktinath. Take Bath and Do Ritual Puja.

From Jomsom, we fly to Muktinath. It's about 10 minutes flight to land at Muktinath, a delightful town at 3700 meters altitude. We land just below the Muktinath temple and a short hike takes us to the temple. If you feel uneasy due to the altitude, a horse ride can be done. You will get about 30-40 minutes to take a holy bath and do ritual puja. It is believed that by taking a holy bath and doing ritual Puja, your sins of a lifetime will be washed away. Muktinath literally means a place for salvation. After the completion of Puja, we hike a bit downhill and have breakfast.

9:20 AM: Fly back to Jomsom.

From Muktinath, our chopper ride takes off and lands at Jomsom again for refueling and a short break.

9: 30 AM: Fly to Kathmandu.

From the district center of Mustang, we commence our scenic helicopter ride to Kathmandu, exploring the breathtaking Himalayan vistas of the Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, Manaslu, and Langtang region. Then we land at the domestic airport of Kathmandu.

10:30 AM: Transfer to Hotel.

We receive you at the airport after your arrival and transfer you to the Hotel. A day with a helicopter tour to Muktinath concludes here with a magnificent memory.

  • AccommodationN/A
  • MealsN/A

Note: Your safety is of the utmost concern whilst you are traveling with Adventure Club Trek. We will make every effort possible to follow the original itinerary but we reserve the right to change that itinerary if a segment of it becomes a safety issue. Certain mountain regions are remote, natural disasters can happen, weather conditions can decline and there can be illness or an injury. To avoid dangerous situations we may occasionally have to make changes to the itinerary to ensure everyone’s safety. That having been said, Adventure Club Trek will strive to provide you with the best possible trekking experience and to keep your safety our number one priority. We thank you for your understanding.

Cost Details

Price Includes

  • Ground Transportation by Private Vehicle 
  • Annapurna Conservation permits 
  • Transfer By Thrilling Helicopter.
  • Sightseeing as per itinerary.
  • Airport tax and government tax.
  • Passenger insurance.
  • Any meals, accommodation or drinks.

Price Excludes

  • Lunch/Dinner Bills.
  • Clients insurance.
  • Items of personal nature.
  • Expenses due to Medical evacuation, etc.
  • Tips,

Useful Info

Why do people visit Muktinath Temple?

Muktinath Temple is one of the most sacred temples in Nepal for Hindu devotees. People visit this temple due to the mythology that your sins will be washed away if you pay homage at the Muktinath temple. This is also a wonderful destination for travelers with its elegant setting surrounded by the impressive Himalayan peaks of the Annapurna region. The wide terrain, sandy cliffs, and snowy summits are some of the representative attractions of this location.

What is the Weight Limit of the Muktinath Helicopter Tour?

The weight limitation for a helicopter tour is 500 kg, excluding the captain and it can accommodate a maximum of 5 pax. We operate the group joining a tour with a minimum requirement of 3 pax.

Weather and Climate

The weather condition cannot be predicted exactly as it is mountain terrain. The Mustang region, where the Muktinath temple is located, remains cool in the morning till noon. The crystal-clear weather allows incredible Himalayan views but it remains an extremely windy afternoon. It is a Himalayan rain shadow area, so rain is very rare in the Mustang region. Due to weather conditions, the helicopter can only fly in the morning.

What are the Helicopter Models used for Muktinath Helicopter Flight?

Adventure Club Treks and Expedition offers unique helicopter tours to various destinations for more than a decade. All the trips are safe and operated with timely serviced helicopters of multiple models.

Different helicopter models are used for the Annapurna Base Camp Helicopter Tour. They are well-maintained, reliable, and offer safe Himalayan journeys. With the rules of the Nepal government, the helicopters can carry 5 passengers at once, so, including captains, there will be six people maximum at once.

Model: AS350B3e is used, which has been manufactured by Airbus, France. It has got an Ariel 2D engine type. The maximum takeoff weight is 2250 KG, with 5 passengers capacity excluding the captain, which can operate at a maximum altitude of 23000 feet.

Model: AS350 FX II is another type of helicopter built by Airbus, France. It has got LTS – 101 700D2 engine type. The maximum takeoff weight is 2250 KG, with 5 passengers capacity excluding the captain, which can operate at a maximum altitude of 23000 feet.

Model: AS350 BA, which has been built by Airbus, France, has got Ariel 1B engine type. The maximum takeoff weight is 2100 KG, with 5 passengers capacity excluding the captain, which can operate at a maximum altitude of 16,000 feet.

How to Deal with Altitude Sickness?

High altitude sickness is a disorder that people might feel above 3000 meters altitude. It is directly connected to altitude adaptation, which makes people have difficulty in breathing. Altitude sickness is also called Acute Mountain Sickness.

The ultimate altitude of Annapurna Base Camp is 4130 meters, which is not a risky zone for getting caught in altitude sickness. It's very unlikely to be suffering from AMS. However, you may experience it accidentally once you get out of the helicopter. Mild headache and dizziness can be the common symptoms you feel at ABC. Initially, you will be given oxygen support at the helicopter as there will be oxygen cylinders in every helicopter. If it's a bit risky case, fly back to the lower altitude is another best way.

You will get a maximum of half an hour of landing time at the Annapurna base camp. You walk around and get abundant miraculous glimpses of the mighty Himalayan peaks like Mt. Annapurna.

What are the essential Safety Measures for Muktinath Helicopter Tour?

There are some sorts of essential safety measures for the Annapurna Base Camp Helicopter Tour. It starts from your entry into the aircraft, where you should follow the captain's instructions, and also at the exit.

  • If you are in a group, do not move from your place during the flight or exchange your seats with other travelers
  • You should not put your hands or head out of the window and do remember to keep your belongings safe.
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the helicopter and it's very sensible
  • Please, do remember to tighten your seat belt properly.
  • If you feel any breathing problems or dizziness, let your captain know about it.
  • Aftermath of COVID-19,
  • Helicopters are sanitized properly in all corners with spray
  • You should follow the safety instructions like wearing a mask, gloves
  • Test your temperature before flying


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