Bhutan Tours

We offer tailor-made adventure tours and cultural holidays in Bhutan for small groups. Bhutan's Bhutanese nickname is Druk Yul, which means "Land of the Thunder Dragon". Bhutan is a country with a unique and rich cultural heritage. The government is characterized by steep mountainsides and remote valleys covered in forests. The founders have left a legacy that has a profound mystical significance.

The mountains in Bhutan are primarily unexplored, offering some of the best trekking opportunities in the Himalayas. Trekking is a fantastic experience in Bhutan. High peaks, mountain passes, and scattered lakes dominate the landscape. We visit remote villages such as the Lunaps in Lunana and Layaps in Laya village. The number of hiking groups is less than in Nepal. We specialize in remote camping trips in Bhutan, including Chomolhari -Jomolhari, Haa Valley.

You can enjoy cultural tours in Bhutan and still see the Himalayas. The Bhutanese are welcoming and friendly. The Bhutanese are Buddhists and follow the Gross National Happiness approach. We visit Dzongs and Buddhist chortens. Attending one of the many Tsechu festivals, also known as Tsechu in Bhutan, is an unforgettable experience. Our tour itineraries will help you learn more about Bhutanese Culture.

 Since 2008, we have been organizing exciting holidays in Bhutan. Birendra Chudal is our Managing Director and has been fascinated by this Himalayan nation for a lifetime. Birendra has Druk Path Trek two times and is familiar with most of the hiking routes in Bhutan. You can create a custom itinerary or join our tour or trekking groups.If you have limited time we have Glimpse of Bhutan Tour-4 Days and Journey to Druk-Yul-5 Days