Airport/Customs Formalities

All your baggage must be affirmed and cleared through the customs on arrival at the entry. Personal effects are permitted free entry. All visitors are required to complete a customs form and hand it over to the customs authorities on arrival. All articles for personal and professional use must be declared on the customs form. The baggage allowance by Druk Air is 20 kg in economy class and 30 kg in business class. An extra 5 kg is allowed for storing in the overhead baggage bin or under the passenger’s seat.

Allowed Import:

The goods that may be imported into Bhutan are the following:

200 cigarettes

1liter of spirits

Personal items for daily use, instruments or appliances for professional use

Please note that cameras, videos, mobile telephones, and all other electronic equipment for personal use must be registered with the authorities on arrival and will be checked by customs on departure.  All tobacco items are subject to a 200% customs tax on arrival.

The following items are prohibited from import: firearms, narcotics, and plants.