Cultural Tours in Nepal

Nepal is as much a land of gods as it is a land of the Himalaya. The nation’s gods and religions breed an array of unique, flamboyant and big festivals. The different languages, customs, and traditions of the people make up for one of a kind culture in the world, and the fact that all of this goes on under the roof of some of the world’s highest mountains make it all the more interesting.

Mostly famous as a trekking destination, the majority of tourists come to Nepal for adventure and thrill, but once they enter the country, they are awe-struck by just how prosperous Nepal is cultural.  Diverse culture, religion, and people from different ethnic groups together make Nepal unique from the rest of the world. In order to truly understand the mountains, one has to take a dip into the culture they foster. And, even in isolation from the mountains, the beauty of Nepal as a cultural destination is striking. Kathmandu also called the City of Temples is Nepal’s cultural hub. The city parades centuries-old temples, stupas, gumbos, monasteries, and durbar squares. In an area of 600 ( 230 sq. miles), the Kathmandu valley hosts seven world heritage sites. Even though the Newars are considered the primary natives of the city, it has become a conglomerate of people from all corners of the country and thus a multicultural town.

The costumes, languages, traditions and festivals of the Tharus and other ethnic groups in the Terai (Southern region of Nepal), Lumbini as the birthplace of Gautam Buddha, the culture of Dhaka in the western Nepal and the laid back life of the lake city Pokhara are some cultural aspects of Nepal you cannot miss. When it comes to the culture of the mountain region and its people, Nepal is just as unique. However, we discover the culture of the Sherpas, the Tamangs and other affluent ethnicities of the Himalaya in our trekking adventures.

Adventure Club Trek’s Cultural tours in Nepal packages are designed to introduce you to some of Nepal’s most significant heritage. For those with a limited time frame, Kathmandu Cultural Heritage Tour-2 Days works best; we also have Nepal Explore Tour-15 days for those who want to get to Know Nepal better culturally. Our Kathmandu and Pokhara Tour - 7 Days and Kathmandu -Lumbini and Pokhara Tour- 8 Days packages also offer an excellent introduction to Nepal and its culture.