Weather and Climate in Nepal

Nepal has diverse weather and climatic variation comprising mainly four seasons namely autumn (or fall), winter, spring, and summer (also monsoon). The seasons in Nepal are pretty much the same as that of Europe while quite contrasting to that of Australia. It is cold in December-January while in June-July you could do with just shorts and T-shirts. The climate of Nepal is moderate which means the winters are dry and summers are hot.  Overall, the best tourist season in Nepal with summer passing and before the onset of winter is autumn or fall.

Autumn/Fall season (September – November)
The Autumn season falls during the months between September and November when the weather is highly pleasant, and so are the views of the mountains.

Spring (March-May)
Spring is also considered a good season and falls between the months of March and May. During spring, the temperature is mildly warm in lowlands while moderate in higher altitudes with plenty of opportunities to encounter breathtaking mountain views.

Winter (December – February)
Winter falls during the months between December and February and is relatively cold. During these months there are comparatively fewer tourists in Nepal.

Summer (June – August)
Summer (also monsoon) falls during the months between June and August when it is quite hot and humid during the daytime with occasional rain showers, sometimes all through the day. The summer or monsoon season lasts from around the end of May till the end of August or early September. About 80% of the rainfall occurs during this period throughout the country but the remainder of the year is dry.

Best season to visit Nepal

Autumn and spring are the best seasons for white-water rafting or climbing. Similarly, winter, as well as autumn and spring months, are the best times for leisure tours, wildlife safari, culture tours, and foothill trekking (below 3,000m/9,850ft.) though winters could be quite harsh. Summer or monsoon months can be considered for some city tours, volunteering works, or culture tours. While in some areas of Nepal, summers are considered to be the best time to travel because these areas fall under the ‘rain-shadow’ regions and the monsoon is much lighter here.