About Us

Adventure Club Trek is a team of enthusiastic and experienced trekkers, guides, porters, and mountaineers. And we are pleased to inform you that we have more than 150 trekking, cultural tours, and peak climbing. Mountain expedition trips in Nepal, Bhutan, and Tibet-three of the most beautiful Himalayan countries in the world. 

Adventure Club Trek is a government-registered adventure travel company,Founded by the enterprising young entrepreneurBirendra PD Chudal,located in the heart of Nepal's bustling city, Kathmandu. Adventure Club Trek, founded in 2008, is dedicated to offering the best service but, most importantly, the best experience to trekkers. Adventure Club Trek is a government-registered travel and trek company. We are registered at the Company Registration Office and authorized by the Nepal Tourism Board and Industry Department. The Nepal Government Tourism and Civil Aviation Department, the Taxation Office,Nepal National Bank's foreign exchange department, and affiliated with other sister concern associations, Trekking Agent Association of Nepal (TAAN), the Mountaineering Association (NMA), and other government-associated agencies. Having legal authorizations and being associated with government agencies makes managing your trek easier.

What Does Adventure Club Do Different or Better than Other Trekking Companies in Nepal? First, Adventure Club is a trekking company of enthusiastic trekkers, all of whom have trekked all the trails we promote! We do not have unreasonable prices over the board, so trekking with us is cost-effective. Explore more reasons to trek with Adventure Club!

Our primary objective is to offer our clients top-quality, tailor-made travel experiences that enable them to immerse themselves in Nepal's enchanting allure and magnificence. Our portfolio comprises more than just mere trips; they are meticulously crafted journeys that unveil the beauty and wonder of this Himalayan Kingdom.

We provide extensive services encompassing all facets of Nepal's tourism. Our unique tours provide a lavish means of exploring Nepal's most iconic cities and landmarks, boasting top-tier accommodations and transportation. OurTours, Trekking, and Hikingin Nepal is a thrilling experiences for adventure-seekers with stunning trails in the Annapurna and Everest regions.

Our Helicopter Tours offer an awe-inspiring aerial perspective of Nepal, including a glimpse of the majestic Mount Everest. This extraordinary experience is beyond words. Furthermore, Trekking in Nepal remains a traditional service that enables individuals to experience the grandeur of the Himalayas intimately. Our Adventure Tours are a great way to get pumped up with adrenaline. Activities like white-water-rafting in Nepal's wild rivers or bungee jumping over vertiginous Canyons will do just that. Paragliding also offers breathtaking views of the Himalayas, giving you a unique sense of freedom and tranquility.

We offer expert-guided Expeditions and Peak Climbing Tours for those who want to conquer Nepal's mighty peaks. Our guides and staff are trained extensively and equipped with the latest equipment to ensure safety. The Historical Tours are designed to illuminate Nepal's vibrant history, allowing participants to see ancient cities, monuments, and temples.

We have carefully designed Family Tours and Students Tours to cater to different age groups. This ensures an unforgettable and enriching trip for everyone. Our Jungle Safarisallow you to experience the diverse wildlife of Nepal's National Parks.Cultural Tours provide a deeper understanding of Nepal's diverse customs, festivals, and traditions. Our well-organized Day Tours are designed for those with limited time and who want to see the best of Nepal quickly.