Trekking in Nepal

Nepal, the land of the highest peak — Mount Everest — is among the most preferred destinations in the world. Millions of mountaineers and trekkers from all over the world visit Nepal as there are thousands of mountains — eight of them being higher than 8,000 meters. Trekking in the mountains can be the main purpose to visit Nepal, but for adventure seekers, Nepal is a paradise as the diverse terrain in the country offers varieties of adventurous sports and outdoor activities that can get the adrenaline flowing. White Water Rafting, Mountain Biking, Cycling, Sightseeing, Paragliding, Peak Climbing, Jungle Safari, Bungee Jumping, Homestay Tour, and Honeymoon Tour are among highlighted activities in Nepal.

Adventure Club Trek and Expedition is one of the leading trekking agencies in Nepal. We have been organizing all kinds of trekking in Nepal and also operating tours in neighboring countries like Tibet, Bhutan, and India. since 2008. All our guests and visitors are provided with facilities as much as possible for making the trip adventurous and full of fun. We strive for serving our guests with genuine hospitality.

Some of the popular trekking in Nepal take place around Mt Everest, Mt Annapurna, Langtang, Manaslu, Mustang, Kanchenjunga, Upper Dolpo, and Makalu.

We organize either teahouse or camping trekking. In the teahouse trek (also known as lodge trekking) we arrange food and accommodation in a lodge for our guests during the trip. There will be a guide from Adventure Club, with the option of hiring a porter. This kind of trekking provides an opportunity to be near the local villages and to study their tradition and culture. You will be enchanted by the warm hospitality of the villagers who will charm your heart and soul. As you have the freedom to wander – you might as well take an unexpected one-day side-trip. Teahouse trekking is a relatively inexpensive way to trek in Nepal.

On the other hand, for Camping trekking, we plan and precisely manage your expedition so that you could reach your goal. A team from Adventure Club comprising guides and porters including local Sherpas back up in this kind of trekking. Kanchenjunga, Upper Mustang, Dolpo, Nar-Phu Valley, Guerilla Trek, and the Chitwan Chepang hills among many other destinations are popular areas for camp trekking

Apart from Trekking, peak climbing, and expeditions, Nepal is also one of the best destinations in the world for rafting and kayaking. From gushing white-water rapids straight from the Himalayan peaks to languid sections that meander through the remote jungle wilderness; there are rivers to suit all experience levels and schedules. If you are pressed for time, you can check out the two-day runs down the Bhote Kosi. Multi-day trips down the Karnali, Tamur, and Sunkoshi among many other rivers lead you through some awesome vistas. Likewise, camping overnight in some of Nepal's remotest and most beautiful spots can be a lifetime experience.

Nepal has a suitable climate and weather for everyone. There are places where the temperature remains below freezing point throughout the year and other places where the temperature remains warm. Nepal, the birthplace of Gautam Buddha, is the place for religious forbearance and harmony as Buddhists, as well as, Hindu pilgrims from across the globe pay homage to religious sites. The figures and images of mythic gods and goddesses reign over the heart of people here.

The journey to Nepal can be a lifetime experience due to its natural beauty bearing diverse floras and faunas and the typical lifestyle with rich cultural heritage, traditions, and customs.

As we organize the trips, we prioritize your safety, security, and comfort. Adventure Club Trek and Expedition provide all the guests with accurate and updated information. Our team will support you to explore the diverse landscapes and cultures in Nepal.

We organize trekking, hiking, mount climbing, jungle safari, mountaineering, and scenic and cultural tours for a group, as well as, for individuals. We may customize the trip packages depending on the condition and circumstances that suit you.