Off the Beaten Trekking Trails

Nepal is a trekker's paradise, and there's no doubt that! This small Himalayan country is a mountaineer's dream come true. However, it is also true that most famous treks in the country, like the  Annapurna region or the Everest region trekking, are well routed, adequately commercialized, and have become convenient. And that is a great thing! However, off-the-beaten roads that provide unpredictability to those seeking extreme thrill and love adventure strike the chord sharper.

And Nepal is suitable for remote and less traveled secluded areas. Sixty-four percent of Nepal's 1 47181 square kilometer area is a hilly region-most mountainous but generally without snow, and 19 percent is the Himalayan region above 3000m. Given the topography, some places in Nepal have yet to be well-discovered.

Manaslu Region, Kanchenjunga Region, Upper Dolpo region, Upper Mustang, and the Dhaulagiri region are some of Nepal's lesser trekked areas that you can explore with a guide. These restricted areas require a special permit and have only recently been opened to foreigners- Upper Mustang has become accessible only since 2008.

Kanchenjunga Region Trek

The third highest mountain on earth is surrounded by lush rhododendron forest, dramatic mountain views, and traditional communities steeped with local folk laws and traditions. Kanchenjunga Conservation Area, located east of Nepal on the border of Sikkim, is one of Nepal's most visited areas. Outside of November, you'd be hard-pressed to find any other hikers.

The ridges and peaks of the mountains separate the communities from the valleys below. This region is a bit more complicated, but ultimately worth it as you explore the Himalayas. It takes around 20 days to return to Kanchenjunga Base Camp. However, you can combine this trek with other lesser trails to explore some of Nepal's most beautiful wilderness areas. You can choose to trek to South Base Camp or North Base Camp. Or you can combine both, taking you to the fascinating communities of Olangchun Gola and Yangma. The remoteness of this area is enhanced, and you have a better chance to see a snow leopard than anywhere else.

There are two seasons: April-May and October-November. Both seasons offer very different experiences. Pre-monsoon in April and May provide stunning rhododendron forests, but clouds can linger. The best time to visit is from October to November when the weather is clear and there are no clouds. Kanchenjunga can create its climate and experience heavy monsoonal rainfalls. You can get trapped in December by heavy snow that will block the passes from mid-December to late February.

Adventure Club Trek is experienced in the Kanchenjunga region and can accommodate groups of two to up to 12 trekkers in either teahouse or camping treks. This trek is for those who are fit and wish to experience Nepal in its original form.

Upper Dolpo Region Trek

Next on the list is the world-renowned upper Dolpo region. I know we said these treks were supposed to be remote and unknown, so why the Upper Dolpo region? Well, it rightly deserves the less traveled title even though the trek is famous.

Upper Dolpo is a culturally Tibetan high-altitude region in Nepal’s far west which opened to the public only in 2008. The Tibetan plateau-looking landscapes, wildlife, untouched natural beauty, unique culture, and remoteness of the trek make it an extremely popular trek, but the challenging nature of the trek has kept it from being commercialized.

Adventure Club Trek has a 25-day-long trekking itinerary to the Upper Dolpo region with our experienced guide and porters. This trek is the best way to explore the remote Nepalese Himalayan region.

Dhaulagiri Trekking

Next on the list is the Dhaulagiri region. Mt Dhaulagiri is the seventh highest mountain in the world (Dhaulagiri Peak (8,167m) and the region it forms is one of the most challenging treks in Nepalese Himalaya. Even though it is adjacent to the famous Annapurna region, Dhaulagiri is still widely unexplored.

The trek goes through the rich valley of Myagdi with glaciers, high passes full of snow, green hillsides, traditional villages, green meadows, pastures, and tranquil gorges. One can enjoy views of 15 or more mountains over 7,000 m.

Adventure Club Trek’s Dhaulagiri Circuit-24 Days itinerary brings to you the best of the region, enjoy the unexplored remoteness of the region with our experienced porters and guide.