Responsible Travel

Beginning with our very first treks in 2002, Adventure Club Treks has been seriously committed to responsible travel and true sustainability.  We fully support the concept of "leave only footprints and take only photos," but we strive addition to develop a true love for the region in which we travel.  For us, these are the true pillars of responsible travel, and we believe they sustain one another.  We aim to provide an authentic holiday experience by offering real knowledge of the area you explore as well as acquaintance with the local inhabitants.  In so doing we are able to maximize the benefits and minimize the negative effects of tourism. We strictly adhere to the norms of the International Porters Protection Group (see their website, We make sure our guides and porters are well equipped to provide you with flawless service, always keeping your safety and protection first and foremost in mind throughout your program.  Our team of guides, porters, and accompanying staff are native to the mountains and thus possess both a wide range of relevant experience as well as First Aid training with an emphasis on altitude-related problems. Farther below, we will share with you some tips for responsible travel, which we encourage you to consider before booking your holiday.